Ankur Arora Murder Case Reviews



BollywoodHungama 3/5
Reportedly based on a true incident, ANKUR ARORA MURDER CASE focuses not just on the negligence in the operation theatre, but also throws light on the justice mechanism in our country. Come to think of it, a film like ANKUR ARORA MURDER CASE acts as wake up call for many a doctor or those associated with this profession/medical lobbies, besides making the spectator cognizant of the fact that we ought to have a dedicated procedure for speedy disposal of such cases. On the whole, ANKUR ARORA MURDER CASE illustrates and spotlights on the gaffes in the medical profession most persuasively. A heartfelt effort that deserves to be watched! READ MORE

Mumbai Mirror 2.5/5
Ankur Arora has an important point to make and a scary reality to represent. Often we equate doctors with god-like reverence, but occasionally they might mistakenly believe - given that they hold people's lives in their hands - that they are, indeed, god. This is a story of one such case. And it is a story worth listening to. Just try and take Bollywood out of it. READ MORE

Times Of India 3.5/5
The story that has been researched from a true life incident does provide meaningful insights about the medical fraternity and facilities. However while the film is an eye-opener on medical skullduggery, it fails to become cutting edge cinema because the screenplay offers few surprises. And, a title that is a dead give away. Also for a dramatic film of this nature, the performances are so placid, they leave you cold. The drama that unfolds between the hospital and the court room should have definitely had more spunk and twists. Note: You may not like this film if medical negligence is not a subject you wish to bog yourself down with in a movie hall. READ MORE

Rediff 3/5
Cases of medical negligence make fairly common news. In Ankur Arora Murder Case, over-confidence of the doctor is the culprit. This is not a Satyameva Jayate type of offering and director Suhail Tatari isn't tugging your heart strings a la Aamir Khan. The intention is to highlight a different theme while ensuring that the narrative doesn't get into the art house zone.READ MORE

NDTV 2.5/5
It is a well-meaning, proficiently crafted and competently acted drama about the wages of medical skullduggery. But Ankur Arora Murder Case fails to make a strong enough case for itself. The problem with Ankur Arora Murder Case is that promises much but delivers little. But you don’t quite begin to care for the men and women on the screen enough to either hate them or root for them. So the tale of a mother fighting for justice against all odds lacks the requisite combustion. For the film as whole, it is two stars for intention but only half for execution. READ MPORE

Indian Express 2/5
The film intends to be part hospital procedural, part courtroom drama, with a dash of chase-and-hunt thriller, all very Robin Cook-ish.The clash between an all-powerful doctor who has lost sight of his primary purpose of saving lives, and the intern who is willing to lose everything in the fight for justice should have made for cracking drama. But Ankur Arora Murder Case never really gets there, suffering from banal script-and story-telling, and amateurish acting. READ MORE

DNA 2/5
Despite being a court room drama it lacks the finesse its genre requires. There was immense scope and possibility for the film to take off and become an engaging legal thriller, but the cliches and predictable subplots prevent the story from rising above the ordinary. There is enough medical mumbo jumbo and technical terms that are used to make the proceeding believable, but the research and ground work doesn't get the right platform. The film engages you in the beginning but loses steam because of a its weak execution. READ MORE

Koimoi 1.5/5
What’s Good: A captivating issue of medical negligence is indeed a thrilling idea. What’s Bad: Everything else saving Tisca Chopra’s acting and the film’s premise.Watch or Not?: Basing the movie on the real life story of Ankur Arora, the film is an unworthy tribute to an unsung child hero who was slain by medical discrepancy. Following from the popular American sitcom Grey’s Anatomy in its idea and execution, the film with its drooping second half, shallow approach and mostly overtly melodramatic screenplay packed with unnecessary dialogues make it a terrible drag. I would recommend you to watch Aamir Khan’s Satyamev Jayate episode on Healing Medical Profession, if the issue is that close to your heart. Don’t waste your time on this unnecessary feat! READ MORE

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