Aurangzeb reviews


OneIndia 2.5/5
Aurangzeb is quite an engaging movie, until a certain point of time, after which you feel deceived due to poor execution. Read More
BollywoodHungama 2/5
On the whole, AURANGZEB has a great premise, but great plots don't, generally, translate into great films. This one's way too lengthy and mediocre [second hour] to leave any kind of an impression whatsoever. Disappointing! Read More 2.5/5
Overall, 'Aurangzeb' is a fun thriller with a racy first half and a dragged climax. It's not devoid of any essential ingredient of a 'masala' film and you can watch it for depicting the dark underbelly of the illegal land deals. Read More 2.5/5
All in all, Aurangzeb isn't without its flaws. It could have been shorter and crisper. But it's a fairly engaging family drama with thrills thrown in to boot. Worth a watch.Read More 2/5
To sum it up, Aurangzeb is a cliched formulaic drama straight out of the '70s era that fails to impress the audience. Read More 2.5/5
Technically rich, the film could have been much more, and you regret that it hasn't realised its full potential. Call it a retro film with modern sensibilities. Old wine in new bottle. Whatever. Worth a watch, if you'd like to savour the story and performances, and forgive much of the rest. Read More 3/5
Arjun Kapoor is still raw and needs polish to juggle the shades required to balance a twin role. Sashaa Agha is petite, pug-nosed and has a nice figure. But her portrayal of the golden-hearted whore, like the one Parveen Babi played in Deewar, is insipid.Read More
Overall, 'Aurangzeb' is well worth a watch. But, don't be looking for a classic. Read More
BharatStudent 1.5/5
The first half looked promising and had good twists and turns. But it is the second half which spoiled the entire momentum and became a total work of confusion and unconvincing climax. At the box office, the film will find it hard to survive. Read More
IndiaGlitz 2/5
Aurangzeb was a potential game changer for those who are involved but it goes horribly wrong. Even worse the idea had decent twists in its tale and involved almost every feature of potential bollywood hit.. but alas the helmer couldn,t read.. what a miss. Read More