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CNN IBN (IBNLive) 2.5/5
Four slackers in Delhi seeking fast cash make a deal with a ruthless don. But when things go wrong, as they inevitably do, they must pay the price for it. That familiar premise gets a fresh coat of paint in 'Fukrey', with co-writer and director Mrighdeep Singh Lamba putting a new spin on some old clichés. Yet, while individual scenes inspire laughs, the film doesn't quite fly because there are too many gags and not enough plot. A tighter script and more screen time for the excellent Pankaj Tripathi, as enterprising campus security guard Pandeyji, might have helped turn this moderately entertaining film into a rollicking good caper. I'm going with two-and-a-half out of five.READ MORE

BollywoodHungama 3.5/5
FUKREY mirrors the mindset of the youth of today who look for shortcuts to raise funds and attain their targets/dreams.  Although the premise/subject material may give an impression that it's a serious fare, the director and writers Vipul Vig and Mrighdeep Singh Lamba strike a fine balance between solemn and humorous. Frankly, the objective is to keep the spectator amused and FUKREY succeeds in this endeavor largely! On the whole, FUKREY is a twisted and delectably uproarious take on the shortcuts the youth of today indulge in. Watch it for the sheer novelty and uniqueness it lays on display. Recommended! READ MORE

Star World ( Hindustan Times) 3/5
But the problem with Fukrey is that the characters and milieu are more engaging than the plot, which gets more convoluted and far-fetched as it thickens. By the climax, the writing becomes slack. Anything is possible.But there is enough pep and fun in Fukrey to make it pleasantly diverting. I’m going with three stars. I’m not suggesting that you drop everything and get to the theater. But if you happen to stroll in, you are likely to come out smiling.READ MORE

Mumbai Mirror 3/5
There's a lot to like in Fukrey. It sticks to the subtle and shies away from the tomfoolery and slapstick you've come to expect in films of the genre. However, a few shortcomings keep Fukrey from hitting the bullseye. The crises in the love stories are unconvincing and easily overcome as is the big hurdle in the climax. Fukrey captures a similar spirit, albeit in a very different flavor and the small film experiment about life's trivialities manages to entertain for most part.READ MORE

Times Of India 3.5/5
his one's no campus-rumpus or high-school pump-ups - with designer gals, prom nights, tight jeans and fancy dreams. In fact, the four young protagonists stay pretty much out-of-class, out-of-money and out of ladki-luck too. Mrighdeep infuses comedy throughout, subtle and fresh. The humour is finely spun in the writing and dialogues (Mrighdeep, Vipul Vig). There's levity in the language and some hilarious moments. The first-half is slow-paced, but it rips riot soon. The story has newness, but at times it lacks the chaotic craziness that such a comic premise can unfold. Yet, the laughs are many to keep you entertained. So what the 'fuk-rey', go, crack up on your seats.READ MORE

On the whole, Fukrey is an entertaining and enjoyable fare for the youth. It may have started slow but it is bound to pick up on the strength of positive word of mouth. It will do well in the cities and multiplexes. It must be mentioned here that the investment of the producers in the film (more than Rs. 20 crore) is a bit too high for a film with hardly any face value. Incidentally, not many know the meaning of the word ‘Fukrey’, which has also adversely affected the opening.READ MORE()

Rediff 2/5
Formulas in Hindi films, no matter how popular or timeless, have been known to run their course in due time. And that may very well be the case with buddy comedies about naively arrogant college boys with skewered worldviews and lofty aspirations.So it comes as a mild disappointment when a film co-produced by Akhtar, a film that looked so promising on paper, fails to deliver.If you absolutely have to watch this film, look out for Pandit, Bholi Punjaban and the gorgeousness of Zafar’s face.READ MORE

Indian Express 1.5/5
Four Fukreys which loosely translates as good-for-nothing waste fellows are let loose in the gallis of Dilli in order to a) save their skins b) earn some ill-gotten moolah c) run miles away from a foul-mouthed female goon. This may be a new film, but it is certainly not madly novel. Delhi Belly had the same idea with the addition of some excrement and expletives, minus one fukra. Also minus the fun, because this combo of Dilli slackers-using very Dilli slang-doing very Dilli things already feels like a template.READ MORE

DNA 2.5/5
It is a light hearted fun film that captures the flavour of the North and weaves a natural charm. Fukrey works in parts and some of them are really funny, but overall it feels like an exercise in wanting to be a little bit of everything. It sounds like Delhi Belly, looks like Oye Lucky Lucky Oye and somewhere in between struggles to make its own identity.READ MORE

Zee News 3.5/5
Fukrey’ is one hell of a laughter ride. In this age of cheesy and cheap comedy which the Hindi film industry is now so (in)famous for churning out, this one – ‘Fukrey’ – despite shouting out ‘Going Cheap June 14’, is thankfully not so. The film is packed with neat amounts of laughter-inducing funny moments and one does not have his/her attention wander off for even a fraction of a second. Watch ‘Fukrey’ if you crave for generous dollops of laughter to colour your weekend up… Go cheap! Three and a half stars for Mrighdeep Singh Lamba’s handiwork!READ MORE

Koimoi 1.5/5
What’s Good: The leading men with strong screen presence and infectious confidence give a few relishable performances. What’s Bad: Efforted humor and ridiculously logic-less twists in the tale is excessively disappointing. Watch or Not?: Fukrey despite its fresh concept appears like a juvenile plot that squeezes out a forced laughter from you! The film with its slow pace and less mirthful story doesn’t work for me. While there are genuine good moments, along with good acting from its actors, overall the film doesn’t a reason strong enough to get recommended for watching!READ MORE

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