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Hema Malini faces public ire over her comments on Mumbai gangrape
Aug 30, 2013

When the entire Bollywood has come out to show their fury against the miscreants in the Mumbai gangrape incident, yesteryear’s dream girl Hema Malini has some other advice in her mind for the female section of the society. She suggested that women should not come out of houses at night all alone to maintain their own safety and her remarks have come under harsh criticism from her fans and others.

While attending an event the actress was asked to express her views on the recent gangrape incident in Mumbai. She said that police and government should take strict measures in such kind of happenings but women should be more careful about their own safety. A leading daily quoted her saying, "Terrible things are happening. Places like the Shakti Mill compound should not be so accessible that they can be used by anyone to create mischief. This is a lesson, but it should not have come at the cost of a girl's honour. Women also need to be more careful. They should not take it so easy and go anywhere as you can get caught. In the Mahabharata, Draupadi was always helped by Lord Krishna. But we as a society are not as spiritually evolved, so women should not expect anyone to come to their rescue.”
Her fans could not agree with her and showed their anger against the comments through social networking sites. “Yeah right. What is next? Locking us up?” tweeted @poonam_yadav. “Example of how we’re told “don’t get raped” instead of “don’t rape.” Women should not venture out alone... Hema Malini #rape,” tweeted @RupaSubramanya. Suhel Seth tweeted, “Wow now the erudite Hema Malini asks women not to venture alone. Considering she took such a fragile step with Dharam, she’s a fine guru!” @royspk posted, “Such stupid advice from Hema Malini #StupidAlert.” Though Hema found some fans who acknowledged her advice as an anonymous person commented, “She did not mean to advise us to ‘to sit athome!’ Don’t misinterpret. All she meant was to be cautious which I don’t think is any wrong,”