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Kalki Koechlin annoyed with designers for calling her ‘’mentally disturbed’’
Aug 30, 2013

The talented and versatile Bollywood actress Kalki Koechlin is feeling low after she has been labelled as “mentally disturbed” by designer duo Riddhi-Siddhi Mapxencar and DP jewellers at the Glamour Style Week 2013 event. Finally she broke her silence on the insulting tag and spoke out against the offenders.

Kalki said, "After a 4hour wait in lehenga, jewellery make up they have the gall to call me mentally disturbed! Riddhi siddhi, dp designers shame on you!" She further wrote in a defensive tone, “@faizanshoaib half of them wanted me to do interviews and other half wanted me to dance. And to think I was being so polite the whole time!” She also stormed out against the event organisers, "Not seen a more disorganised show than #glamourstyleweek2013 where the organisers called me off the ramp when I'm the showstopper!"
As reported by the media, Kalki was the showstopper at the show but she completely went out of her mind when the moment arrived for her to walk the ramp with the designer duo. This fault of hers annoyed the designers to a large extent and they described her as mentally disturbed. Clad in a lehenga choli, Kalki danced on the stage to entertain the audience and walked out as fast as possible. Furthermore, her eccentric behaviour has been said to be the result of her disturbed married life with Anurag Kashyap. Huma Qureshi is said to be the reason behind all the troubles between Kalki and Anurag. Kalki tweeted clarifying, “By the way I am mentally disturbed but its certainly not because of my hubby;)” In the meantime the designer duo opted to stay away from the entire controversy, "@kalkikanmani DP jewellers were mighty pissed with you for not walking with them since they are the one to pay you for this show." They added, "It's a matter between you and them, please sort out with them... @kalkikanmani We are not interested to be a part of this charade and derive public attention for wrong reasons, thanks! Riddhi Siddhi."