Emotional SMS


Dear Girls, 
U R Beautiful .. :)♥ 
Don'T Harm Yourself For A Guy Who Goes Only For Your Looks :'( 
U R Ur Father'S Princess Nd Mumma'S.Doll. . ^.^ 
So, Don'T Let Somebody Make You Feel Low Nd Down.. 
The Way You Smile :) 
The Way You'Ve Twinkle In Your Eyes *_* 
The Way You Cheer Up Your Family NdFriends. . 
The Way You Care, 
Is All What Makes You Beautiful Little Angels. .!!♥ 
Dear Girls, Proud To Be What U R.. ♥♥♥
A Tired Man Came Home Late From His Whole Day Hard Work. 
His 5 Year Old Son Was Waiting For Him At The Door. 
Son- Dad, May I Ask You A Question ? 
Dad- Yes 
Son- Dad, How Much Do You Make An Hour? 
Dad - That's Not Your Business. 
Son- Please Tell Me. 
Dad- 20 $ Per Hour. 
Son- Dad, May I Please Borrow 10 $? 
Dad Got Angry 'N Shouted On The Kid To Go To The Bed. 
The Little Boy Went To The Room 'N Shut The Door. 
After Sometime Man Got Calm And He Went To Kid's Room And
Said: "Sorry For Being So Hard. Here's Your 10 $ U Asked For." 
Kid Smiled- Ohhh... Thank You So Much Daddy ! 
Then Boy Took Out Some Coins He Had Kept Under The Pillow, 
He Counted Them And Said- 
"Dad, I Have 20 $ Now. 
Can I Buy An Hour Of Your Time ? 
Please Come Home Early Tomorrow. 
I Would Like To Have Dinner With You."
Don't Depend On Any 1 
In This World Including Ur Shadow. 
Bcoz Even It Will Leave U 
When U Are In Darkness! 
Understand The Reality Of Life..!
Great Line :-) 
I'm Not A 
But I Can Give My 
One Who Needs Help. 
Beauty Is In Heart, 
Not In Face..
Ye Degree B Le Lo, 
Ye Naukri Bi Le Lo. 
Bhalay Cheen Lo Mujhse Meri Jawani. 
Mgar Mujhko Luta Do Wo Skool Ki Canteen, Wo Break Time, Wo Chutti, Wo Dosti, Wo Yari...
Kari Thandh Me Apne Ghar Se Nikalna. 
Wo Project Ki Khatir Sheher Bhar Bhatakna.Wo Lecture Me Doston Ki Proxy Lgana..
Wo Miss Ko Chirana, Wo Aeroplanes Urana..Wo Exams Ki Raaton Ko Jgna Jagana.
Wo Orals Ki Kahani, Wo Practicles Ka Kissa. 
Bemari Ki Application Ka Wahid Bahana.Wo Xam K Din Bechain Mahol.Wo Result K Din Peron Ka Jhatptana.Wo Maa Ki Duain,Wo Teachers Ka Bharosa. 
Yaron K Sath Wo Lambi Si Raatein.Wo Doston Se Canteen Me Pyari Si Batein. 
Wo Har Ek Din Ka Larna Jhagarna. 
Wo Larkion Ka Yunhi Hamsha Akdhna.Bhula Nahi Skhta Hai Koi. 
Wo Skol,Wo Teachrs,Wo Shrartein, Wo Kahani :'(
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