Inspirational SMS


Do Not Go Where The Path May Lead,
Go Instead Where There Is No Path
And Leave A Trail..
It is not important to go to heaven after we leave,
but it is important to create heaven in someone`s heart before we leave.
One of the best caption written on a clock in an exam-room :-
Talk with yourself at least once in a day...!!!
Otherwise you will miss your best friend in this world..!!
Most of the People Refuse to Understand the Secret Code of Success,
which is very Simple -
"Just try One More Time, in a DIFFERENT Way"
A baby mosquito came back after its 1st fight.
Dad asked: how did u feel?
He replied: Dad it was wonderful.
Everyone was clapping for me
Moral: Take everything positively.
Bill Gates never did Lakshmi puja
but he was the richest man of the world
Einstein never did saraswati puja
but he was d most intelligent man..
Believe in WORK, not in luck.
Anger had a MUTE button
Mistake had a BACK button
Hard time had a FAST FORWARD button &
Good times had a PAUSE button.!
Life is like a game,
U never know when u can win the game of life,
Success may be just a step away before u quit, 
So never QUIT till your last breath..!!!
Never cry for the person who hurts you, 
Just smile and say thanks for giving me the chance 
to find someone better then you.
But do remember even the best can make you cry, 
don’t forget them. 


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