Inspirational SMS


" If you want to meet someone who can fix any situation you don't like,
Who can bring you happiness in spite of what others say or believe,
Look in a mirror, then say this magic word:
"Its not important to go to heaven after we leave,
Its important to create heaven in someone's heart before we leave"
In an old man's shirt written a cute sentence.
"I m not 60 years old, i m sweet 16 with 44 years experience.
Loving sum1 who doesnt luv us is like,
Batting wen we need 7 runs in 1 ball..
V know its impossible,
But v just have 2 keep trying..
There may b a no-ball..!
Four candles were talking to each other
1st-"I am PEACE, no one needs me" & it went off..
2nd-"I am FAITH, nobody believes in me" & it went off..
3rd-"I am LOVE, nobody cares for me" & it went off..
4th-"I can light the other three because I am HOPE & I last forever!"
Life is tough, sometimes impossible to live.. but never lose hope.
I wish that your candle of HOPE lights all your other candles and keep them glowing.
Stay Blessed :)
"The small Moon can eclipse the great Sun
We too, can do great things
If We set ourselves in the right place at the right time..."
Bill Gates never did Lakshmi puja
but he was the richest man of the world,
Einstein never did saraswati puja
but he was d most intelligent man,
Believe in WORK, not in luck..!
.. Remember ... 
Never Say 
"No One Likes Me" 
Just Say 
"There Is No One Like Me." 
Be The Change 
Feel The Change. . . :)
You Know Why GOD Didn't Give Us 
D Gift To Read Minds Of Others? 
So Dat We Would Have D Chance To 
& D Privilege To Be "TRUSTED". :-)
I May Not Always Love The One Who Loves Me..... 
I Surely Do Respect Their Choice..! 
Umbrella Can Not Stop The Rain But Allows Us To Stand In The Rain,
Confidence May Not Bring Success But It Gives The Power To Face The Challenges. 
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